Birds That Can Be Pets


Macaws can be very affectionate. Most get incredibly attached to owners.

Amazon Parrots

They can develop exceptionally large vocabularies, and seem to have more clarity in their speech than many other species.


The canaries are from the Canary Islands. They are widely known for their lovely singing voice.

Bird Training Tips

Rewards for Desired Behaviors

When your parrot performs a desired behavior, like stepping up onto your finger, reward your bird immediately.

Keep Training Treats Small

The attention span of birds is short. If you give them a whole walnut, they will concentrate on eating.

The Right Environment for Training

Where you train is very important. Choose a place void of distractions, like those that you might find in bird cages, to help your bird stay focused.

Fascinating Facts About Birds

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This course covers a detailed explanation of the best way to train your bird. Our goal is to help bird owners build a positive bird-human relationship.

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